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The 7th edition of BITGRID will be housed in Onder Stroom, a beautiful location in the centre of Antwerp at the bank of the Schelde. We’ll provide a fantastic international lineup, awesome visuals and a crazy atmosphere! There will also be an open stage where you can get to know up coming and young talent.

*** Line up ***

Bit Shifter (US)
BIT SHIFTER is a living legend. He’s been making music on Game Boy’s for the last 15 years and could be seen on numerable shows spread out over 18 countries. This guy didn’t only gave us some legendary shows, he also wrote chiptune history with his contributions to the 8bitpeoples label and multiple BLIP festivals!

We cannot put into words how proud and honored we are to introduce you guys to our friend from Japan. He usually doesn’t do live show anymore, but for BITGRID he’s willing to pass by Europe again. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to rave on his hard and fast beats. His music maybe a bit crazy, but that’s just how we like it!

gwEm (UK)
As far as legends go, GWEM is right up there with USK and BIT SHIFTER! There’s probably no one in the entire scene who did so many shows as this dude from London. He crosses the pond with his 2 trusty Amiga’s especially for BITGRID. Brace yourself for a marvelous show as this 8bit veteran will get you extatic.

Please Lose Battle (FR)
Please Lose Battle sets itself apart by an explosive mixture of chiptune, power pop and mathcore. It’s an efficient recipe cooked up six-handedly: electronic and pop tunes composed on a Nintendo NES, raging bass and drums, a kaleidoscopic video stage design. The project: to bridge the gap between digital machines and manned instruments, with the help of Monitor, their violently emotional computer and front-man.

4ntler (NL)
This wonderful guy solidifies our love for the chiptunemusic from our northern neighbours. He’ll kick off the evening with strong melodies and a healthy dose of joie de vivre to get you guys warmed up!

Jotie vs HIA (BE)
These 2 certified Belgian bad boys will end the evening in style! Get ready for a mashup of everything that you know and love from the Antwerp underground scene. Stuff like breakcore, hardcore, acid and synthwave brought to you in glorious 8bit is what these guys do best!

Y O K O C H O 横丁 (BE)
Y O K O C H O 横丁 is electronic dance music. A one-man project. Recorded live to cassette. Hailing from Antwerp. Sounds like ’90s house, retro video games and tropicalislands. Influences are 808 State, Joe Hisaishi, Air, David Wise, Fatima Yamaha, Yellow Magic Orchestra & Daft Punk.

*** VJ’S ***

Infu (PL)
VJ Chipwarrior (BE)

*** Open stage ***

Yet again there will be an open stage where every 8bit inspired artist is welcome. There are 5 12 minute slots available. Send us a PM if you’re interested.

*** Tickets ***

Don’t wait to long with ordering your tickets because our new venue is smaller than “Het Bos” and “De Zomerfabriek”. Only 150 tickets available, so be quick!
Early bird; 10euro (SOLD OUT)
Ticket; 13euro

*** Duck Hunt tournament ***

After a successful first duck hunt tournament, we decided to do it again this time! Those with an itchy trigger finger need to sign up and compete for the high score!

🔊Signature ‘Onder Stroom sound’ ism met HK audio

☻ 2019 - Een Onder Stroom samenwerking: Elsa MüllerUndefinedBram van Bree