Elke laatste zondag van de maand kan je komen ontbijten met muziek op Ontbijtgolven – Elke eerste donderdag van de maand is het volkskeuken –




Otto Von Schirach, The Nam Shub of Enki & Sickboy

De Onder Stroom drijft ons schip recht van de radar richting Bermuda driehoek. Zullen er vanavond geheimen worden prijsgegeven door de onbetwiste koning?

Een avond gevuld met auditief avontuur door
Otto Von Schirach (Usa)
The Nam Shub of Enki (Aus)
Sickboy (Be)
That Thing (Be)



Monkey Town Records, Ipecac Rec.


“Otto Von Schirach, half Cuban Native Indian half German Anunnaki wolf, was born in the 3rd point of the Bermuda Triangle, Miami. Some people say he was dropped into the triangle by a UFO or arrived in a Gravitron. As a child, his grandmother practiced Santeria, White Magic and the supernatural arts. She raised him to open his eyes to the strange and bizarre paranormal and to practice magic with God. Otto grew up in an area known as Tre Duece Ave. where the kids followed heavy Miami Bass and Cuban Tropical music.


Take Earth Wave Surf Electro Bass Tropical Calypso Dubstep Broken Noise Grind IDM Folk Glitch Breakcore Orchestral Gabber, mix them all together and what you get? Otto Von Schirach and a magic super nova of sound waves.


As a Miami Knight and leader of the Sound Barrier he was crowned King of the Bermuda Triangle. With his new title he started the Triangle Family with Mr. Feather and Alligator Jesus”


Monster Zoku Onsomb, Cock Rock Disco


BGMW, Tigerbeat6


Aka. Mr Orange, Abused Recordingz



Gebaseerd op het repertoire van Otto Von Schirach


Chopped Zombie Fungus Burger
Dance Like a Hoe Fries
Anal Spaghetti Sweet Fries
– 3,5€


Inkom: €10 (Excl. Volkskeuken)


🔊Signature ‘Onder Stroom sound’ ism met HK audio

☻ 2019 - Een Onder Stroom samenwerking: Elsa MüllerUndefinedBram van Bree